"Finding Joy" -- An Independent Autralian Feature Film

Life Wasn't Quite A Melody . . . Until She Met a Dog

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Finding Joy -- An Independent Australian Feature Film

Finding Joy

Dogs. Love. Music. Love. Finding hope. Finding courage.
This is Finding Joy, a different kind of romantic comedy.

The Film that Launched The Spiritual Cinema Circle.

An  Independent Feature Film
From Australia's Leading Producers of Spiritual Cinema --
Laughing Owl Productions


"The feature FINDING JOY touched me to the core. No blood. Not one gun blast. No one screaming in horror. Just thought-provoking, intelligent, and truly entertaining stories about real people living life."
Rita C., Oregon

"I am still Living with "Finding Joy,"  Billie Dean was phenomenal.  Her spiritual essence has touched me deeply."
Dr. Elaine W., Michigan

"I loved Finding Joy!!!!!!  The movie in itself was really great. I am a dog lover and more than that I have a blue heeler that is just a joy and blessing to me. I really liked the movie and would watch it over again."
Lynn J., New Mexico


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